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Ukraine Support – Update Report #1 [EN]

    Project Partners

    A month ago, together with you, we set out to help refugees and give them a NEW FUTURE. This time was full of many emotions, actions and support from you. There have been difficult moments and moments of concern about whether all of our expected guests will be able to cross the border safely. There were also moments of joy, when we were certain that everyone was safe and sound. We had the chance to get to know our guests better, which only strengthened our conviction that we could not have acted otherwise. Their reality is also our reality, and together we must face the tragedy that has befallen them. Recently, our lives have been re-evaluating rapidly, making us realise how much it means to be able to sleep in a warm bed, with a feeling of security. 

    With your help, we were able to provide our guests not only with a warm beds, but we also helped them regain their faith in a better tomorrow. Your support for our idea, whether financial, in-kind or mental, enabled us to cope with this difficult task.

    From the first days of the conflict, we provided support to all those who needed help getting across the border and transport from Lviv to Warsaw. While we were looking for a permanent place to stay, we also took care of accommodation in a friendly hotel.

    After an extensive search, we managed to finalise the rental of two houses for one year. We also provided one flat in Warsaw, where we accommodated our six guests. The first house in Michalowice is currently inhabited by over twenty people. The second property in Raszyn became home to nine more, since last Saturday. The houses have been equipped with all necessary appliances and furniture for living and functioning. We would like to secure their rent financially for the coming year, which, we hope, will make it easier for the tenants to start in the new reality. We know that some of our guests, as a result of the bombings, have no other home than the one they are currently living in.

    We would like to share with you some snapshots of the places to live for our guests. A seemingly ordinary life, yet still impossible for so many people.

    An important part of the assimilation, that both we and our guests strive for, is learning the Polish language and finding a job. The support we have given so far has also included assistance in obtaining PESEL numbers and various benefits. Our guests have started learning Polish, which we hope will make it easier for them to find a permanent job. We have already employed eight people in our and partner companies. However, we are still looking for work for a florist, an accounting assistant, vacancies in production or as kitchen help, domestic help, a nanny, etc. We are still working to ensure that all our guests’ children are able to continue their education at school.

    At the moment we have allocated over 100,000 PLN for house rent, rents, purchase of necessary furniture, household appliances and other house equipment. However, there are still many months ahead of us, during which our guests will need our support.

    I would like to thank everyone who has so far supported our idea financially, in kind, with good words and actions, for proving that the world is still full of people who are not indifferent to the fate of others. Perhaps I will never be able to repay you personally for all this on such a large scale as you have helped, but I believe that the good that we show to others selflessly multiplies and comes back to us with redoubled strength.

    We provided all those who needed support in getting across the border with transport to Warsaw. We also took care of accommodation in a friendly hotel.

    We rented two houses near Warsaw and one flat in Warsaw. Then we equipped them with household appliances, consumer electronics and furniture necessary for living and functioning.

    We have supported in obtaining PESEL numbers, benefits and we support in finding a job. In total, we have already employed 8 people in our company and partner companies. We also help children to return to regular schooling in local educational institutions.

    Our guests have started learning Polish in order to find their way more easily in their new situation and to find work more quickly. We are still looking for jobs for florists, production line workers and kitchen help.

    We would like to thank all Partners and Friends of ROLV Group who decided to support our project, in particular Uniqbe and Westwing Polska.


    Helping Ukraine – A New Future Project

    Coordinator – Katarzyna Kowalczyk  
    +48 881 823 401

    • Financial aid

    If you would like to support the cost of rent and maintenance of the house below are the bank account numbers:

    Recipient: Leszek Sowiński

    Transfer title: Pomagamy Ukrainie

    • PLN – PL96 1020 1055 0000 9102 0521 1745
    • EUR – PL15 1020 1055 0000 9202 0306 0142
    • USD – PL60 1020 1055 0000 9702 0271 7841

    Bank PKO BP –
    BIC (Swift): BPKOPLPW

    • Material aid

    If you would like to help furnish the home mentioned above and donate equipment or supplies, the current need list is here.

    ! We can’t forget about those who remained in Ukraine !

    As a company, we have become an official partner and acceptance point for charity aid to the Volyn region. We provide a warehouse, sort and deliver donated goods from all over Europe to the border crossing Zosin, where they are further delivered to the needy. 

    We will be grateful for any donated help in supplies below.

    Click here to see fixed demand list with shipment to Ukraine