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Today we’ve stopped…

    We’re helping Ukraine!

          My Dear Friends. My life has always been connected with people from the East Europe. People who are proud, open, full of hope and faith in a better tomorrow. Right now, a great tragedy has befallen them; they have lost everything they had built throughout their lives. And worst of all, they lost their faith in the future. After many days spent in basements, shelters, as they stood they left Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.

    We couldn’t do anything else but help them! For the first refugees, I went to the border myself, I wanted them to know that we were not indifferent to their fate. For the next groups we’ve organized care in Lviv and transport to Warsaw. Today, we have already hosted the first 14 people, and in a moment another 6 will join them.  We want to restore their faith. We want to give them a chance at normality.

    We want to provide them with the basic necessities of life so that they can build their NEW FUTURE in Poland


       We decided that we would rent them a house. A house where they would live together. A house, which will be a safe haven for them. We hope that by living together, it will be easier for our guests to acclimatize to Polish reality, find work and understand Poland. On Monday we are finalizing the formalities of renting a house in Michalowice. It is close to the WKD station, school and kindergarten. We want to give them a start in the new reality and secure funds necessary for a peaceful life for at least a year. We will try to help her find a new job, and support the possibility of continuing education. If we manage to raise the necessary funds, we will rent another house for mothers with children and support them as long as we can. 

    I will be grateful for any support and help in realizing our idea. Each month we will prepare a report of our activities with full photographic documentation so that our actions are as transparent as possible.

    Leszek Sowiński 

    CEO of ROLV Group sp. z o.o.


    Helping Ukraine – A New Future Project

    Coordinator – Katarzyna Kowalczyk  
    +48 881 823 401

    • Financial aid

    If you would like to support the cost of rent and maintenance of the house below are the bank account numbers:

    Recipient: Leszek Sowiński

    Transfer title: Pomagamy Ukrainie

    • PLN – PL96 1020 1055 0000 9102 0521 1745
    • EUR – PL15 1020 1055 0000 9202 0306 0142
    • USD – PL60 1020 1055 0000 9702 0271 7841

    Bank PKO BP –
    BIC (Swift): BPKOPLPW

    • Material aid

    If you would like to help furnish the home mentioned above and donate equipment or supplies, the current need list is here.

    Home guest list can be found here.

    ! We can’t forget about those who remained in Ukraine !

    As a company, we have become an official partner and acceptance point for charity aid to the Volyn region. We provide a warehouse, sort and deliver donated goods from all over Europe to the border crossing Zosin, where they are further delivered to the needy. 

    We will be grateful for any donated help in supplies below.

    Click here to see fixed demand list with shipment to Ukraine

    thank you for your support!