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poly headsets


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Work here. Work there.

Work isn’t just about where you go or what time you clock in. It’s all about what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and getting things done. And for all that, you really need to communicate well. Poly headsets are designed to look great and help you hear and be heard super clearly, while keeping distractions at bay. They make sure you get awesome sound quality for all your important chats.


The flexibility of working remotely allows you to break free from constraints. With Poly Bluetooth headsets, you have the freedom to explore new paths, even as you stroll along one.

poly savi


Premium wireless office headsets. Poly DECT headsets provide the security and increased range you need for your most important discussions.

poly blackwire


Premium USB headsets. Easy to operate and set up. Just connect them, and you’re good to go.

poly voyager

Contact center

Poly professional-grade headsets provide the flexibility to work from any location, compatible with whichever service you prefer.

poly da85


Headset accessories and audio proccessors. Accessories for headsets designed to optimize audio quality and ensure comfort throughout the day.

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