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Reverse Vending Machines

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Ecovend 100 200 400

200 Range

The EcoVend RVM 200 recycler, with its large screen and sorting capabilities, meets the needs of those who want to encapsulate the potential of larger models in a small unit.

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EcoVend RVM 200

EcoVend RVM 200

The EcoVend 200 Range reverse vending machine is a sophisticated recycling solution designed for both internal and external use under cover, tailored for businesses aiming to efficiently manage and recycle plastic drink bottles and aluminum cans.

This model is equipped with a large 21.5″ user screen and supports both digital and paper rewards, enhancing the user experience. It can handle up to 250 plastic PET bottles and 350 cans in its twin chambers, with segregation capabilities to ensure efficient recycling. The machine utilizes advanced automation technologies, including barcode reading (EAN compatible), as well as shape, material, and weight sensors for accurate identification and sorting.

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