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Reverse Vending Machines

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RVM 1000

1000 Range

The RVM 1000 is ideal for companies for which space is as important as the environment. This compact recycler holds up to 60 kg of crushed glass and is an ideal addition to equipment that is not extended to accept this type of material.

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EcoVend RVM 1000

RVM 1000

The RVM 1000 is a versatile recycling machine designed for the efficient collection and processing of glass drink bottles.
Weighing 365kg, the RVM 1000 is equipped with a large 17.3″ user-friendly screen and offers users the convenience of receiving rewards either digitally or on paper, incentivizing recycling. It accepts glass drink bottles, with a remarkable capacity of up to 300 crushed bottles, based on fitting 60kg of glass into a 120l euro wheelie bin, ensuring efficient space utilization.

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